The future of retail as seen by Walmart, a statue of anyone, and more incredible stuff


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The future of retail as seen by Walmart, a statue of anyone, and more incredible stuff in this Wednesday's Liked by Immersives, a weekly bulletin diligently curated by your multinational Immersive team. Enjoy the wow.

Project Innov8: V-Commerce by Walmart

What it is Five immersive retail projects chosen by Walmart’s tech incubator.

Why we like it Walmart bets on immersive retail, and this is encouraging. Their startup accelerator company, Store No. 8, chose 5 VR projects that would shape the future of retail, as seen by the world's largest retailer. 


Project The Mechanics of History by Yoann Bourgeois

What it is A fascinating dance performance.

Why we like it This performance is absolutely mesmerising. Just watch it. Joann Bourgeois is a French choreographer known for his inventive stage machinery that gives his shows a very fresh look: turntable stages, trampolines, counterbalance swings. In this performance set in Pantheon in Paris, he combined a turntable and a trampoline with stairs to create a story about monuments fighting each other in order to get to the top pedestal. In a way, it does really look like an exciting history book.

Project Intel CES by Tool for Intel

What it is Immersive expo experience.

Why we like it CES is the place where brands try their best to impress the audience with their own definitions of future. Intel did so with an experience that utilized a lot of immersive techniques: AR content mapping, transparent screens, interactive touch displays, etc. to showcase their driverless car technology.

Project As We Are by Matthew Mohr

What it is A statue of anyone.

Why we like it This giant head made of screens is a great example of an interactive sculpture. Anyone can come forward, get his or her head 3D-photographed, and see themselves on a pedestal. What’s more important is how precisely this installation symbolizes the new times we live in, where “ordinary people” are real heroes, everybody is a creator, and everyone gets their 15 minutes of fame.

Project Interactive Tape Mapping by Visual Drugstore for Hypovereinsbank

What it is Interactive projection show.

Why we like it This is another example of how inventive projection mapping can be: artists use tape to create canvas for projection in real time. Great show, and yet another proof that anything in this world can be fixed with a duct tape, even a bank’s corporate meeting.

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