Art of shopping, a 3D-mapping reference for all creatives and producers out there, and more incredible stuff


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Art of shopping, a 3D-mapping reference for all creatives and producers out there, and more incredible stuff in this Wednesday's Liked by Immersives, a weekly bulletin curated with love by your intergalactic Immersive team. Enjoy the wow.

Project Art of Shopping by eBay and Saatchi Gallery

What it is A pop-up experience for neuroscientific shopping.

Why we like it We believe there is no reason to be dull. While neuroscientific experiments on shoppers are being conducted all around the world, resulting in increased effectiveness and greater sales, they seem to be not sexy enough for general public and even spooky for those who really care about their privacy. Going an extra mile, eBay partnered with Saatchi Gallery in London and turned a scientific experiment into a joyful art experience that got coverage by press around the world telling the story of how eBay tries to cater to its customers. 

Project The Salon Project by Joel Warren & Saks Fifth Avenue

What it is A hair salon of the future.

Why we like it This collaboration between a retail chain and a celebrity hair stylist features augmented reality that allows visitors to try on new hair styles, lipsticks, and makeups before applying them. But why we really like this project is because of its overall vector: the merger of retail, services, and experience. 

Project Kontinuum by Moment Factory for Ottawa 2017 Bureau

What it is An immersive underground experience.

Why we like it This is yet another dream project made by the industry leader, Moment Factory. To promote the new light rail transit system, they were given one of the stations, still in construction. And an underground space stuffed with immersive content is what Ottawans got. Lucky them!

Project Buntes Gold by Urbanscreen

What it is A perfect reference for projection mapping

Why we like it This show is a Chinese menu of what architectural projection mapping is capable of. So, creatives and producers, if you need a one-stop shop of references for your new projects that involve 3D mapping, just screenshot and cut this video. It has it all: plays on texture, shapes and dimensions; live footage of people interacting with the building; close ups and zoom outs. Just a perfect projection mapping show.

Project Wonderball by Projection Artworks for Bounce 

What it is Projection mapping ping pong table

Why we like it With the rise and popularisation of immersive tech we can easily predict the sprawling of a new phenomenon: Augmented Sport. This table (and this one, and this basketball court we mentioned earlier this year) could be just the beginning of a much more spectacular and creative way of physical activity. 

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