A supermarket of the nearest future in a short sci-fi film, a ferrofluid text screen, and other unbelievable stuff


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A supermarket of the nearest future in a short sci-fi film, a ferrofluid text screen, and other unbelievable stuff in this Wednesday's Liked by Immersives, a weekly bulletin created by your ocean-spanning Immersive team. Enjoy the wow.

Project Hyper-Reality by Keiichi Matsuda

What it is A short dystopian film set in a supermarket of the future.

Why we like it A middle-aged working class woman rides a bus, shops in a supermarket and gets her identity stolen. This short film is a great prophecy of how our nearest future will look like with the development of augmented reality technologies. What’s even more interesting for us, the filmmaker is quite inventive in showing the future of retail and marketing as a whole, and how they will be integrated in our daily life. It’s 5 minutes well spent.

Project Flagship Store Installation by Random Studio for New Balance

What it is A colorful interactive installation for the sneakers brand in Shanghai.

Why we like it One of the golden rules of marketing communications is this: keep it simple. For an interactive experience of a new white sneaker model, Random Studio cut away everything, including messaging. It’s just a white room with a white stand and a pair of white sneakers on it. But when you pick a sneaker, amazing happens. The room starts to change the color according to the position of the sneaker in visitor’s hands. Immersive? Yes. Cool? Yes. Simple? Definitely. Verbal? Not at all. This is what we call a true brand experience.

Project Ferromagnetic Typography by Graham Plumb

What it is An innovative use of a ferromagnetic liquid as a text screen. 

Why we like it The quest for new screens goes on. The latest addition to our collection is a ferrofluid. It’s a liquid that becomes strongly magnetized in presence of a magnet creating interesting hedgehog-shaped shapes. Graham Plumb, a British artist and assistant professor at California College of the Arts, created a text screen by controlling moving magnets to create ferrofluid “pixels”. Together with futuristic lighting, this installation is ready to shine at a hi-tech or a premium event.

Project Layerscapes by StudioAIRA for GoreT-ex

What it is A spatial interactive installation.

Why we like it Unlike the installation for New Balance, this one has multiple layers of narrative — but this is so true to the brand, the multi-layered Gore-Tex! Multiple layers of content, multiple colors, multiple guests interacting with the video wall at the same time…

Project Macrofilm by PanGenerator for Museum of The History of Polish Jews

What it is A tangible narrative installation.

Why we like it Information is acquired and remembered better when the addressee takes active part in obtaining it. And the more senses are involved in it, the better effect is. This is why interactive installations are gaining such popularity in such narrative spaces as expos and museums. This infinite “scroll” of information about Polish Jews needs direct participation of a visitor, with physical cards to be installed in special slots and a control wheel that a visitor needs to turn in order to progress.

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