The future of augmented reality retail by MasterCard, humming that unites the world, the evolution of translucent screens, and other wondrous stuff


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The future of augmented reality retail by MasterCard, humming that unites the world, the evolution of translucent screens, and other wondrous stuff in this Wednesday's Liked by Immersives, a weekly bulletin created by your international Immersive team. Enjoy the wow.

Project Future of Retail by Mastercard x ODG x Qualcomm

What it is A Mastercard-led collaboration to demonstrate capabilities of augmented reality shopping.

Why we like it In the rapidly changing landscape of retail, it’s mainly aggressive digital-first start ups and online retailers disrupting and paving the way forward, while larger offline retailers warily following. We understand that retail tech revolution is finally coming and is here to stay when businesses that serve the retail start to innovate and move the industry forward. And it takes more than one leader, like in this case,  MasterCard, Qualcomm, the world leader in mobile processors, and ODG, a large smart glasses manufacturer, to create their vision of the imminent domination of augmented reality in retail.

Project Translucent LCD Animations by Obscura Digital

What it is Immersive retail solution, evolved.

Why we like it You may have already seen transparent screens as an immersive retail solution for shopping areas. Obscura Digital, one of the country’s leaders in the immersive industry (they do 3D mapping on the Empire State Building, how cool is that?), took this to the next level and equipped their office windows with transparent screens. While being great as it is, they also expand our own horizons. How about translucent screens as shop windows, that need only digital redecoration? How about event marketing design with translucent windows being part of the show? Think on it.

Project I Heard There Was a Secret Chord by Daily tous les jours

What it is An interactive installation that unites people around the world by humming Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah”.

Why we like it Humming is one of the ways to physically evoke emotions. Low-level frequencies go directly to the brain through vibrating skull bones, and cause calm and unifying feelings. And who else could it be, if not for the late Leonard Cohen with his eternal “Hallelujah”?

Project Sky Q Experience by onedotzero for O2

What it is A permanent interactive experience celebrating key product benefits through play.

Why we like it This is yet another example of how we think all products should be presented: through playful, tangible, narrative experiences. In our understanding, this is the quickest and the most enjoyable way through the purchase funnel.

Project We Are the Progeny of Electricity by Projet EVA

What it is A combination of live performance, interactive theatre and media art.

Why we like it Immersing ourselves completely into the future of retail, we also need to look around and understand the future of everything else. This work is a great example of an experiment that may very well become the future of experiences. In this piece, combining several recent practices like participatory/interactive theatre, face mapping, and generative graphics, the audience, each with a small individual projector projecting graphics directly onto their face, is both the storyteller and the canvas. 

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