A perfectly normal immersive retail space, a mobile operator reduced to one note, a dance of airflows, and some more wow-packed stuff


Liked by Immersives 

A perfectly normal immersive retail space, a mobile operator reduced to one note, a dance of airflows, and some more wow-packed stuff in today’s edition of Liked by Immersives, a bulletin about all things amazing sent to you every Wednesday by your Immersive team. Inspiration served.

Project Tom Ford Beauty Store
What it is A tech-augmented retail space.
Why we like it We have shown many amazing examples of the futuristic stores of tomorrow — but what we like about this particular one is how normal it seems. Everything is perfectly utilitarian: an interactive mirror that saves a beauty tutorial and sends it via email, a virtual lip-stick trial, an olfactory device for blending fragrances. It seems that immersive retail tech has now officially started to climb upwards on the Gartner Hype Cycle slope.

Project Pas de Deux by Daniel Wurzel
What it is An artistic usage of air streams
Why we like it Daniel Wurzel is a classic example of an artist that works in variations on a theme. His forte is airflows, specifically making cloth pieces dance in the air supported by a ring of fans. But like all great artists, his works are breathtaking.

Project Kinetic Generative Music Installation by Andrius Ĺ arapovas for TELE2
What it is An installation that turns 4G network browsing into musical sounds. 
Why we like it This installation is about statistics rather than music. It’s about compacting the whole enterprise, like the European mobile operator TELE2, into a single feature and translating it into music. This is the famous “Less is more” thinking that we like to apply to our experiences too.

Project Reflection Study by Zach Lieberman
What it is An inspiring interactive experiment.
Why we like it Though very simple in its nature, this experiment shows us the power of magnification by mapping: when people see how simple shapes they create on an interactive table get magnified tenfold by the projection mapping magic on a giant wall, they are instantly happy. Outcome? A great setup for event marketing. 

Project Park Finder by Red Paper Heart for Grey/National Park Service
What it is A large interactive sign.
Why we like it This is a great example of narrative design. Turning a usual object into a storytelling device brings life into inanimate things and enriches people’s lives. (This example: an interactive sign that turns around to show all the US National Parks and tell their stories).

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