A cautious approach to new retail tech, another unbelievable screen, a quintet of accordions playing the landscape and more incredible stuff


Liked by Immersives 

A cautious approach to new retail tech, another unbelievable screen, a quintet of accordions playing the landscape and more incredible stuff in this Wednesday's edition of Liked by Immersives, a weekly bulletin curated with love by your curious Immersive team. Please enjoy.

Project Experience Store by Best Buy
What it is A giant flagship tech store.
Why we like it Some big boxes are more cautious than others. Best Buy has just opened a giant Experience Store in Montreal that claims to immerse its customers “into cutting edge tech by leading brands”. However, unlike in most projects featured in our bulletin, it’s not a concept store. Instead, it’s rather a giant flagship store with large experience corners created by brands, some of which are really innovative. Quite a conservative approach, especially compared to Target’s and Walmart’s experiments. Yet who can blame them for following a risk-free strategy? 

Project Digital Light Canvas by teamLab for Marina Bay Sands
What it is A giant interactive chandelier in a shopping mall.
Why we like it Here’s how it’s done in Asia. World’s most expensive shopping mall/resort/casino. A ginormous chandelier consisting of LED light threads that work as a spatial screen. A connected LED rink down below. The content on the chandelier and the rink is interactive and involves people walking on the rink. Exceptionally beautiful. Oh, and for approximately $40 you can personalise the theme of the installation for your own private moment like an anniversary or a proposal.

Project McKinsey Reinvention by SpecialGuest
What it is A device that prints with glass balls in thin air.
Why we like it Remember few months ago we were all gushing on a new commercial by Gatorade where images were printed in thin air by water droplets and then shot in stop motion? Well, here’s another great example of radical new screens. A device that spits glass balls up in the air creating pixels out of them, small enough to draw symbols — all this in real time (well, some slow motion involved). Innovative, beautiful fuel for our never ending quest for new screens. Watch behind the scenes, too.


Project Skyguide exhibition at the Transport Museum Luzern by Everyday for Skyguide 
What it is An interactive environment that tells the story of air traffic.
Why we like it This project is a by-the-book example of a narrative environment. A large floor interactive projection that turns air traffic control into a simple game. A more in-depth area that elaborates Skyguide’s functions. A live radio traffic corner. All this, in the Transport Museum.

Project Subjective Cartography II by Patrick Saint-Denis
What it is An art installation that plays the landscape on accordions.
Why we like it Though we’re quite reluctant to review projects that are pure art, this one enchanted us with its simplicity. It’s 5 accordions controlled by a server with a computer vision software that analyses the skyline in a video of a drive-by. Ultimately, it’s 5 accordions playing the landscape behind the window. All of sudden, it’s very poetic. Five digital mariachi of the cyberpunk we live in. 

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