A personalized AI digital avatar, a tool to write down shower thoughts, a mysterious spinning-disks screen, and much more awesome and crazy stuff


Liked by Immersives 

A personalized AI digital avatar, a tool to write down shower thoughts, a mysterious spinning-disks screen, and much more awesome and crazy stuff in today's Liked by Immersives, a weekly bulletin coming to you every Wednesday from your international Immersive team. Please enjoy.

Project ObEN
What it is Personal AI avatar.
Why we like it Imagine concentrating on work while your avatar answers that marketing call. Or rather, imagine a shop assistant in a tourist-heavy area that works 24/7 and speaks virtually any language. It’s still a thing of future, but of the nearest one. A start up called ObEN is making sure this will all come true, working on easily created, personalized digital avatars.

Project Shareable Shower Door by Mariott
What it is A very insightful marketing stunt.
Why we like it Shower thoughts. Powerful, insightful revelations that appear while taking the shower — everyone had them, but how many of those thoughts get lost just because there is virtually nothing to write them down? Mariott Hotels came up with an ingenious idea: a shower door that doubles as kind of a steamy white-board. Connected to the network, it can email to a guest whatever he or she scribbles on its surface while in the shower. We wonder, is this project a result of a shower thought itself?

Project Disc-o-Vision by AMD
What it is A spinning-disk screen.
Why we like it In our never-ending quest for new screens we sometimes stumble upon curious puzzles. Posted online just few days ago, this is obviously a physical pixel screen. We have not seen anything like this before. It works and shows potential for low-definition images. However, we could not find neither the engineering side, nor the company behind this. Quite a mystery!

Project Schweppes Experience by Oscar & Gaspar for Schweppes
What it is A new reference case for table projection.
Why we like it This one is quite practical, aimed at creatives. If you have not updated your references for table projection mapping since Le Petit Chef (we have not, for example), here’s a great new case. A really inspiring example of a tangible projection mapping experience. 

Project Augmented Magic
What it is A true symbiosis of two kinds of magic.
Why we like it Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. This Arthur C. Clarke’s quote has become a truism lately, with everyday news of technology advances. However, there’s a direct illustration of these words: immersive tech combined with millennia-old trade of magicians and illusionists. Mind-blowing effects, latest technology, and a happy crowd — a great opportunity for experience marketing.

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