A VR training tool turned into a real restaurant, a desktop AR solution, a "Projection Mapping 101", and more wonderful stuff


Liked by Immersives 

A VR training tool turned into a real restaurant, a desktop AR solution, a "Projection Mapping 101", and more wonderful stuff in today's Liked by Immersives, a weekly bulletin that we, your intercontinental Immersive team, love to compile for you. Please enjoy.

Project VR-remodeled Restaurant by KFC
What it is A KFC restaurant remodeled to look like KFC’s VR game.
Why we like it This project already has several keywords that trigger our interest: VR, escape rooms, gamification. However, what we really like in it is this: KFC first created a VR game called The Hard Way to train their employees, then opened it to public, and then remodeled one of their restaurants to look like the one in the VR game. Virtuality changing reality, that’s what we love.

Project Hololamp
What it is A desktop AR device.
Why we like it We love referencing Le Petite Chef series: a dining experience augmented with overhead projection mapping right on your plate and around it. The same principle of hyperlocal, tangible augmented reality lies behind this future product: a desktop projector equipped with a motion sensor. The result is a simulated digital reality that adapts to user movements.

Project The Frame Gallery by DaamDaamSamuso for Samsung
What it is An immersive art gallery made of TVs.
Why we like it This project is really simple: to promote the new TV model, Frame, that doubles as a photo frame when not in use, Samsung created a gallery space with several TVs featuring curated paintings from famous museums around the world. What’s peculiar in this project is an extra step, which was really needed to move educated European crowd at IFA (a German industrial exhibition). They put projectors on the ceiling and recreated the interior of those museums with projection on the walls. A subliminal, but a very effective way to create an immediate impression of “being there”.

Project HydroMorph by Tangible Media Group at MIT 
What it is An interactive display based on shapes formed by a stream of water.
Why we like it You all know the feeling when water from a tap hits a spoon, and suddenly it’s a Niagara all over. Well, the Tangible Media Group at MIT, researchers that we follow closely on our quest for new screens, decided to turn this disaster into a live screen. By dynamically changing the shape of a “spoon” they found the way to control the shape of the water stream, to interact with it, and even found some real-life applications for this system.

Project KONSTELLAATIO by László Bordos
What it is A “Projection Mapping 101”.
Why we like it This project is a beautiful example of the most basic principles of projection mapping: a) create optical illusions, b) play with intricate surfaces, c) use the surface as an active participant. The Orthodox Cathedral of Helsinki, Finland is a great canvas for this musically refined, mesmerizing play of light on the baroque church.

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