An in-store immersive water slide, an exemplary piece of AI creativity, a cake projection, and much more wow


Liked by Immersives 

An in-store immersive water slide, an exemplary piece of AI creativity, a cake projection, and much more wow in today's issue of Liked by Immersives, a weekly bulletin from your Immersive team. Please enjoy.

Project Splash! by YourStudio for Topshop
What it is A full immersion in-store beach experience.
Why we like it This is another great example of retail as experience. As part of the new swimsuit campaign, Topshop remodeled its London flagship store to include a large digital slide running through throughout the shop. What’s more interesting, the slide’s begins with a VR experience that takes visitors on a virtual water slide through the whole city to a beach island.

Project Cross-modal audio retrieval by Nao Tokui‏

What it is A surprising triumph of machine learning.

Why we like it This is creativity made manifest in the data age. Nao Tokui‏, a Japanese media artist, trained a neural network to distinguish sounds of different objects, on a Flickr dataset. Simply put, he showed the machine a photo of, say, a duck from Flickr and told it: “This is a duck. And this is how it quacks”. So the machine would learn to quack every time it saw an image of a duck, and to bzzzz every time it saw a bee, and so on. And then he had an idea. He showed this machine art, and the result is astounding: old masterpieces come alive with sounds. Watch the video, and listen to Bruegel, Monet, Da Vinci, Kandinsky, Rothko (Kandinsky is gold!).

Project aliveinvr
What it is A VR deejay experience.
Why we like it A good DJ is responsible for the success of a party. This project, aimed to both amateurs and pros, opens new ways for XM and parties, when DJs don’t need to be there to feel the vibe, and audience can dance to an immersive, futuristic light & video show depicting a DJ as some kind of a sci-fi demigod.

Project REWIND REMIND by Digital Media Design students (Hong-ik University)

What it is A total narrative experience.
Why we like it We’re always happy to find a great narrative interface that blends mechanical and digital. This graduate project is definitely one of them. The students found a very accurate metaphor and a word play: to watch a story about extinct animals, you have to literally re-wind this narrative timeline, like a clock.

Project Trilanco Cake Mapping by Motion Mapping for Trilanco
What it is Projection mapping on a cake.
Why we like it One of the many reasons we love projection mapping is the ease of turning virtually any static object into a moving narrative device. In this case — a celebration cake. Great idea for weddings and company anniversaries!