World's first major VR department store, a non-video game, a water-based interactive installation, and more incredible stuff


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World's first major VR department store, a non-video game, a water-based interactive installation, and more incredible stuff in this Wednesday's Liked by Immersives, a weekly bulletin diligently prepared by your diverse Immersive team. Enjoy the wow.

Project Ebay VR Store

What it is World’s first virtual reality department store.

Why we like it Simply because they were first to introduce VR shopping. This was just an experiment set in Australia, but how beautiful and innovative it was! What’s especially interesting about it is a function called Sight Search: a shopper can look at an item for few seconds to choose it. We suppose, this is equivalent to few minutes of indecision in front of a real shelf, when a shop assistant arrives with “Can I help you with this?”. In digital, everything happens quite faster than in real world. 

Project Liquid Canvas by Fake Love for Samsung

What it is A water-based interactive installation.

Why we like it There’s nothing grandiose about this work: take a new Samsung Galaxy S8, make a selfie, dip in into water, get a watercolor-like selfie. However, it’s a great example of sharpest narrative precision in working with a brief that highlights the smartphone's waterproof feature.


Project Simulacrum by Interactive Architecture Lab at The University College London

What it is A research that hacks human perception of walking in virtual spaces. 

Why we like it This research gives a practical solution of how to make a simple room infinite, endlessly enriching a VR experience. Studying human spatial perception allowed students from the Interactive Architecture Lab channel a person in VR goggles inside a small room, but it still feels like a long journey through endless spaces. The output of this research will allow us Immersives to create deeper and more exciting spatial VR experiences that will require much less physical space.

Project HoloLens AR Travel by Neutral Digital for Panasonic Avionics

What it is A futuristic AR experience of a long distance traveller.

Why we like it You may have noticed we love everything future. It’s not because we are dreamy geeks, it’s because that’s our job, to be on the bleeding edge of  immersive tech. That’s why this project attracted our attention. It’s a real-life attempt to predict the future of travel using augmented reality- and it showcases the opportunity for businesses to participate.

Project Non-video Game by panGenerator

What it is A game narrative with no screens.

Why we like it This is a perfect exercise in storytelling. It teaches us that no matter what the medium is, a good story and a good game design that use a receipt tape as a screen can be as exciting and compelling as a mighty video console blockbuster.

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