A yet another future store of all things IoT, world's smallest car dealership, and lots of other stuff


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A yet another future store of all things IoT, world's smallest car dealership, and lots of other stuff to be wowed by in this Wednesday's Liked by Immersives, a bulletin curated with love by your ocean-spanning Immersive team. Now beautified!

Project Open House by Local Projects for Target

What it is An experimental retail space.

Why we like it Target had a problem: customers craved smart home solutions, but did not have enough information about how they work. At the same time, smart home and IoT products manufacturers could not clearly communicate their capabilities. So Target created a futuristic mock house, filled it with every smart home product they sell, and brought in immersive retail solutions that perfectly highlighted the products while educating visitors on their key features. This made Project Open House a retail space and an exhibition that delivers on education. So we love it.

Project World’s Smallest Car Dealership by Peugeot

What it is A British phone booth turned into a car dealership.

Why we like it With retail trying to find its way into the future, projects like “World’s First/Largest/Smallest/Fastest X” appear every week. Retail is experimenting, and this is a good thing. Maybe not all dealerships will become as small as a British telephone booth, but turning the process of buying a car in an interactive experience could become mainstream.

Project Screens of the Future by Universal Everything

What it is A study into the screens of tomorrow.

Why we like it Talking about experiments: one of the world’s leaders in immersive and experiential design, Universal Everything, is an ongoing experiment. Every now and then they come up with a render of what a future screen might look like. Is it a spray can that can pulverize a screen onto any surface? Is it an OLED shape-shifting necklace? Is it a haptic phone? Even though they are pure futuristic concepts, these screens definitely spark creative thoughts — even in today’s ’seen everything' world.

Project STEM from Dance

What it is A program that teaches STEM through dance. And vice versa.

Why we like it How cool is this? Girls learn to both write code and dance, and then make their dances into programs. Then they code algorithmical images for their dances. This is all thanks to an MIT graduate that decided to follow her lifetime dream, dance. 

Project Unity of Motion by WOW Inc for Hyundai

What it is A heartbeat-powered brand installation.

Why we like it Emotion is the backbone of storytelling, and making the audience feel for your story or product is crucial. This installation is a great example of an emotional immersive installation connects greatly with the brand. A visitor comes to the center of the installation, puts his or her hand on a piston from a Hyundai car — and the whole installation with all its screens becomes lit up with a generative motion paintings powered by the visitor’s heartbeat. An instant emotional connection between a car and a human.

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