A futuristic shop that is not a shop, a perfect exhibition booth, an immersive exploration of chromesthesia, and other cool stuff


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A futuristic shop that is not a shop, a perfect exhibition booth, an immersive exploration of chromesthesia, and other cool stuff in this Wednesday's Liked by Immersives, a weekly bulletin created by your boundless Immersive team. Enjoy the wow.

Project The Glass Room by Mozilla and Tactical Technology Collective 

What it is A data privacy experience masked as a pop-up shop. 

Why we like it With the accelerating tectonic drift of today’s retail landscape, the main question we ask ourselves about the future is “What will retail become?”. How will it change? What will it look like? This leaves another vital question without due attention. This question is “What will become retail?”. Which industries will look like today’s retail? Which clients outside retail industry will need our experience? This project is just a nod to this problem. It’s an experience that looks like a pop-up shop. What else could look like a shop in future?

Project Ambient Displays by Designaffairs

What it is Fuzzy screens that create a participation effect.

Why we like it High definitions screens are no longer exotic. In fact, they are everywhere around us. And it’s more than logical to question ourselves: what low-resolution, fuzzy screens are good for? And the answer is actually not surprising: they are good to convey human touch and participation effect (the same as record plates and polaroids). A world-wide design firm use them to create an effect of all offices working together in one place, turning a wall into a window into the office 5000 miles away. 

Project Digital Exhibition Space by Inty++ for Moscow Government

What it is A perfect interactive exhibition booth.

Why we like it This booth is quite an ideal example of an exhibition space. It’s eye-catching, it’s beautifully designed, it’s narrative, it’s interactive, it’s multi-user… But what we like most that it looks seamless, a complete piece of trade expo art, where every part is in harmony with others.

Project Gallery 12 by Tool for Macallan

What it is Whisky experience in form of AR art.

Why we like it We like when our predictions hold up. AR art exhibitions that we predicted earlier this year, spread out into the world. Macallan decided to launch its two new products creating an art exhibit out of a whisky drum and its tasting notes. That’s a perfect match, we say.

Project herering by nor

What it is An immersive installation that explores chromesthesia.

Why we like it Synesthesia is when senses mix: sound evokes colors, taste evokes touch, and so on. It is a holy grail of experiential marketing: how to make people feel something they never felt before, so that brand experience would be one-of-a-kind? In this project, studio nor from Japan explores the case of chromesthesia, a type of synesthesia in which sounds evoke colors.

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