A magic VR pill for the brick-and-mortar retail, an heir to the Pixar Lamp, world's first rock star hologram on tour, and other cool stuff


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A magic VR pill for the brick-and-mortar retail, an heir to the Pixar Lamp, world's first rock star hologram on tour, and other cool stuff in this issue of Liked by Immersives a weekly bulletin from your Immersive team. Please enjoy.

Project Perfect Category by Kantar Consulting
What it is (Possibly) a Holy Grail of the brick-and-mortar retail.
Why we like it Kanter Consulting’s new VR experience can possibly save the grocery stores as we know them. It combines two quite simple and new, but already established technologies: quick VR prototyping and shelf analytics. This allows shop owners to see which shelves and products work more effectively and better adapt to changing customer habits almost in real time, in pursuit to catch the quickness of online stores.

Project “In Dreams” – Roy Orbison in Concert by BASE Hologram
What it is A touring hologram of a rock star.
Why we like it Is it future yet? Seems it is: “In Dreams” is the world’s first rock hologram on tour, just like the science fiction books and movies predicted in the twentieth century. Though it is unclear from the video whether “Roy Orbison” on stage is a video of a stand-in actor or the real rock star taken from archive footage and digitally post processed, the fact remains: the future has come upon us.   

Project Givenchy x VR by Jae Hyeon
What it is A concept of AR goggles that make you look better than without them.
Why we like it Though just a concept by a Korean student, this is an answer to the question, “When will VR and AR become mainstream?”: exactly when headsets will look like this. Here is the problem with all things VR/AR: they are completely unsexy. When they look like an everyday fashion item like an iPhone or a Ray-Ban, then we’ll understand: it’s mainstream. Good example from December: the long-awaited Magic Leap is a step in the right direction.

Project Raven R by Baidu
What it is The Pixar Lamp coming alive 
Why we like it Since Pixar produced their Luxo Jr. in 1986, billions of kids (and their parents, too) have dreamed: “I want the one like this!”. But few of them could imagine it would come in the shape of a Chinese smart assistant. However, it is definitely a Luxo’s relative: as nice and anthropomorphic as possible. Unfortunately, it understands and speaks only Chinese. Oh, and it can’t jump.

Project Arab Future Trippings by VJ Um Amel
What it is A data-driven VR world
Why we like it Creating immersive worlds requires a special mindset, trained to pick real-world objects and phenomena, twist them and then combine into something completely different. For instance, this project is made up of 60,000 users (trees) who tweeted about half a million posts (frogs, mushrooms, and deer) on #WomensMarch over 24 hours in 2017 (time indicated by scenes).

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