A meticulous immersive retail case, a peek into the life of smart things, a city turned into music, and much more wonderful stuff


Liked by Immersives 

A meticulous immersive retail case, a peek into the life of smart things, a city turned into music, and much more wonderful stuff in today's issue of Liked by Immersives, a weekly bulletin from your Immersive team. Please enjoy.

Project Virtual Reality Showroom by Demodern for IKEA
What it is A detailed story about creating retail VR environments.
Why we like it While there’s already nothing particularly new in VR in-store experiences, what we like here is the case study itself. It is refreshingly meticulous, perhaps because it was created by Germans. So when we cut through the eulogy of great success, we can also learn about challenges that await us on the road to immersive retail. Such as clumsy cords, health notifications, fool-proof user interactions, etc. This brings us invaluable insight into the real-life implementation of our immersive retail dreams.

Project Play the City by Tool of North America / TBWA for Grammy
What it is An AR stunt that creates music out of a cityscape.
Why we like it This is a great way to celebrate the Grammy awards 60th anniversary by showcasing that everything around us is music. Imagine sitting in a taxi when suddenly all the landscape around you becomes music, while a transparent screen on the window visualises notes on people walking by, trees, cars. What’s more interesting is that the concept of “playing the landscape”, i.e. generative music basing on computer vision, is becoming so popular (remember this quintet of accordions playing a summer road?) that seems it will come as an option into next year’s cars.

Project Objective Realities by Automato 
What it is A VR project where anyone can become a smart thing.
Why we like it When you start thinking more about smart homes, it can get a bit creepy. Ok, there’s an AI that understands your voice. It also learns. It talks to other things it can control… But what are those ‘things’ REALLY talking about? This project may give some answers. It allows visitors to become smart things (thanks to VR) inside an interior of an apartment and follow the Smart Home’s voice instructions.

Project Connected Gallery by AC3 for Siemens
What it is An interactive art gallery rooted in brand values.
Why we like it To launch its latest generation of connected devices, Siemens decided to create an interactive gallery dedicated to digital art: the Connected Gallery. Filled with interactive installations, all of which are connected to the brand’s values, it does one thing: skews the brand perception towards more premium and more technological.

Project Latens by Alex Guevara
What it is An interactive projection mapping on a landmark.
Why we like it This works every time: to build an instant emotional connection to an object, all you need is an interaction involving a heart rate monitor. In this interactive projection mapping installation, visitors press their thumb to lend their heartbeat to generative visuals projected on a landmark castle in Bratislava, Slovakia. Last time, it was a car. Works like magic!