A sure sign for an immersive retail tech becoming mainstream, a perfect case video, a masterpiece narrative space, and much more “wow”


Liked by Immersives 

A sure sign for an immersive retail tech becoming mainstream, a perfect case video, a masterpiece narrative space, and much more “wow” in today’s issue of Liked by Immersives, a weekly bulletin about everything that inspires us and hopefully will inspire you. Please enjoy.

Breaking News

Magic Leap, a mysterious multi-billion-dollar start-up with a product that no one has ever seen since the company's inception in 2010, backed by an impressive team of investors like Google, Qualcomm, and Alibaba, finally rolled out their augmented reality system just few hours ago. Seems impressive at first sight, but will it be the game-changer?

See it yourself: magicleap.com

Project ShelfZone VR shopping experience by inVRsion
What it is A vision of a near-future VR supermarket.
Why we like it What’s a good sign that a new technology becomes mainstream? It looks almost the same in both utopian and dystopian visions. If you remember, few weeks ago we reviewed Hyper-Reality, a short dystopian film set in a future supermarket. The future of a VR supermarket looks almost the same in ShelfZone VR shopping experience by inVRsion, a company that creates VR experiences for b2b. Is it coincidence? We believe it’s rather a consensus.

Project Smart City: The Game by Daily tous les jours for the Smart and Digital City Office of Montreal
What it is A collaborative game on a projection table.
Why we like it In our never-ending search for new ways to deploy immersive interactions, we get very excited when we stumble upon such small creative gems, like this: a tilting-table projection-mapping game that encourages collaboration between visitors and tells the story of Smart City projects. Simple (but not too easy), elegant, fun!

Project In Touch with Clariant by Sensory-Minds for Clariant
What it is An on-line project case study that both compliments, and augments the live project. 
Why we like it In experiential communication, working hard on our projection mapping shows, installations and immersive experiences, we sometimes completely forget about the larger online audience that would see the results of our work as content on the web. That is why shooting a great case film is really important. This is why we like this case film that is as refined and beautiful as the permanent immersive experience itself, set in a Kubrickian interior.

Project Tangibles Worlds by Stella Speziali/ECAL
What it is A tangible VR experience 
Why we like it We won’t stop reviewing works made by students of École Cantonale d’Art de Lausanne (ECAL). This seems to be the undergraduate programme that yields the most outstanding results. Almost every project is golden. For example, this experience combines virtual reality with tangible experiences in a black box.  So if you want your kids to define the immersive future, send them to Lausanne. We’ll be here, waiting for their future projects.

Project THINK Exhibit by SYPartners for IBM
What it is A masterpiece among narrative spaces 
Why we like it This one is an all-time classic of immersive exhibitions and narrative spaces, commemorating 100 years of IBM. Real-time interactive data, tons of skilfully created interactive exhibits, and the overall topic “An exploration into making the world work better”.

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