Augmented Reality Special


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Augmented Reality Special

On September 19, 2017 Apple released iOS 11 with AR capabilities. Together with Google’s rival ARCore technology for Android smartphones coming up, this means augmented reality is here to stay, and will soon become very much mainstream. To help you stay on the bleeding edge of marketing, your intra-reality Immersive team gives you today an Augmented Reality Special issue of Liked by Immersives.

Spot the Difference

What’s the difference between VR and AR? It’s easy: virtual reality (VR) replaces the world around you, while augmented reality (AR) adds new information to (augments) the world around you.


Ikea Place

The Swedish furniture giant has always been a pioneer of all things AR. And it’s more than natural: it’s always helpful to “try on” new furniture at home before you buy it. Continuing its vanguard tradition, IKEA was first to introduce an ARKit app available right now. 

Yihoadian Virtual Stores

Why spend on brick-and-mortar like Amazon when can get the same results with pure AR without paying the rent? — wisely thought Yihoadian, a Chinese online grocery store, and opened a thousand (yes, this many) new stores everywhere in China, consisting of... just a sticker with a QR code. Visitors of parking lots, empty squares, etc., can scan those codes, and walk through a virtual supermarket revealed in front of them, where every product is shoppable and will be then brought to the front door via a delivery service.

Walgreens Loyalty AR

Walgreens decided to approach AR from an opposite corner: adding a promo layer in a physical store. Their partner, Aisle411, a loyalty app, created an experience that is part loyalty and discount program and part immersive product finder. There was also an interesting suggestion: to mount a tablet with the app on a shopping cart.


Ford Auto Show 

Ford exhibited an augmented reality performance at 2017 North American International Auto Show. Visitors had an opportunity to have an X-ray-like look at the technology under the hood of three different Fords. The cars appeared transparent as the hidden features came into view.

Mixed Reality Space

Though it’s still a tech in development, this environment shows great potential for creating augmented reality for event visitors, that doesn’t require any special devices to have a shared AR experience.



Mirages & Miracles

With AR development, we envision the appearance of “mixed art” that will consist of a small-scale physical entity and will reveal itself fully in augmented reality. This will allow using new and unexpected spaces for art exhibitions. Here’s a great example by a French duo, Adrien M and Claire B.


Snapchat + Koons

Following a phenomenal success of a dancing hot dog, Snapchat brings the world its new AR addition to the Lens feature: a shiny balloon dog (worth mighty millions) in collaboration with the famous artist Jeff Koons. It’s quite logical and relevant to the artist’s tradition of putting his land art everywhere he can. 


Facebook Camera Art

Facebook is trying hard to beat Snapchat on its turf, with Facebook Camera, a new platform for augmented reality, and Artist in Residence Programme.

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