A Korean experimental retail space, a creepy AI research, an immersive museum dedicated to volcanos volcanos, and even more great cases


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A Korean experimental retail space, a creepy AI research, an immersive museum dedicated to volcanos volcanos, and even more great cases in today's issue of Liked by Immersives, a weekly bulletin from your Immersive team. Please enjoy.

Project Super-Multiview Interactive Retail Space by Vynil I for Giga Korea 
What it is A Korean experimental retail space.
Why we like it This retail space is part of a large research effort of the Korean government on how broadband changes the world around us. The project spans such areas as networks, holograms, content, service platforms and even “Super Multi View Devices”. This immersive interactive installation for retail environments is an impressive.

Project Diana by Blow Factory
What it is A projection mapping sculpture.
Why we like it This sculpture is a tiny Projection Mapping 101 course. It shows how images are mapped onto a sophisticated surface, as opposed to flat screens. It demonstrates how the play of light and shadow — optical illusions — can change shapes of real objects.  It features a play between the static and the dynamic. It showcases a masterful blend between the artist’s images and shapes. And it’s just beautiful.

Project Adversarial Examples that Fool both Human and Computer Vision by Google Brain
What it is A study of AI-generated images.
Why we like it We can’t say for sure that we like it. However, we had to acknowledge this research. They added an invisible layer of data that made image recognition AI confuse a cat with a computer, a panda with a gibbon, and so on. This already is worrisome, as this leads to hacking security systems that are based on computer vision (like in autonomous cars), but the researchers are now making a step further. They are now working on generative images that fool human eyes. This could be a whole new story with fake evidence, emotion manipulations, etc. On the other hand, this leads to more emotional entertainment and useful AI-generated content.

Project Lava Centre by Gagarin Interactive
What it is An immersive museum dedicated to the great force that created Iceland: volcanos.
Why we like it This is a great museum and a perfect experience. Interactive, perfectly designed, exciting and telling a story. Everything seems to be right with the Lava Centre, and this is why we like it.

Project Neural Arpeggiator by Tero Parviainen 
What it is An artificial intelligence music collaborator.
Why we like it This is a very simple AI assistant. Press a key on a virtual piano keyboard, and the AI will give you a variation around the note. However, it’s a great example of how creative jobs will be not replaced, but augmented by AI. A human gives an overall direction, while an AI works around it, saving time and effort.

What it is When VR becomes your reality — A story of a guy that fell asleep in VR goggles. Hilarious, yet food for thought.