A next step in retail transformation, world's first digital supermodel, a yet another Holy Grail for the creatives, and even more exciting projects


Liked by Immersives 

A next step in retail transformation, world's first digital supermodel, a yet another Holy Grail for the creatives, and even more exciting projects in today's issue of Liked by Immersives, a weekly bulletin curated with love by your Immersive team. Please enjoy.

Project Augmented reality displays by ZARA
What it is A part of retail transformation. 
Why we like it With this project, ZARA converges brick&mortar, digital, and experiential retail. In April, ZARA customers with the brand app installed on their smartphones will be able to see the looks they like anywhere they like inside a ZARA store space, buy them online via the app, and get them at the register or delivered to their doors. This makes the whole shopping experience seamless, easy, and fun for the customer.

Project Shudu by Cameron James-Wilson
What it is World’s first digital supermodel.
Why we like it Talking about digital fashion retail, there’s another question being the sign of the times: will virtual models replace the real ones? Judging by the success of Shudu, this might happen quite soon. She is endorsed by by Rhianna, gets thousands of likes at her Instagram account and is waiting for her first major brand collaboration.

Project Gamba Osaka pre-game show by Takenaka
What it is A projection mapping show on a football field.
Why we like it While projection mapping shows wow crowds on ice arenas and basketball courts, football fields (of both sports that share this name) stay clear of this kind of pre-game and half time entertainment. There are two reasons for that. The first one is simple: the field is much larger than a basketball court or a hockey ice rink, and it solved by the appropriate number of projectors. The second reason is trickier: the grass resists video projection, making it greenish and unattractive. The Japanese seem to have worked around the latter problem, so this could be a great start for immersifying the NFL, World Cup series, and European championships.

Project Project Cardinal by Disney Research
What it is An AI tool that turns scripts into VR pre-visualisations.
Why we like it If this experimental project succeeds, it can revolutionize the whole video industry. Five seconds from a script to fully-baked scenes? Seems crazy at the moment, but it’s Disney, and their magic may just work.

Project Floating Words by Moroi Satoko
What it is A playful tangible interface.
Why we like it This experimental interactive art piece is really simple and cute: say a word into a funnel, it will then “spill” it as letters into a small pool, where you can draw these letters up with a special water scoop. Using fairly basic technology, “Floating Words” is a great way to experience digital content as part of real life.