A possible branch of retail evolution, an AR concept that must come to life, a return of stolen paintings, and much more stuff (plus a bonus track!)


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A possible branch of retail evolution, an AR concept that must come to life, a return of stolen paintings, and much more stuff (plus a bonus track!) in today's issue of Liked by Immersives, a weekly bulletin curated with love by your Immersive team. Please enjoy.

Project Minishop by Vynil I for Innisfree
What it is A digital vending machine.
Why we like it Is this the future of retail? A simple umnanned product experience zone equipped with a smart vending machine? This may certainly be one of the species that brick&mortar could evolve into.

Project Scare Booth by VT Production Design for Lights Out
What it is An horror (no)escape room.
Why we like it This project is simple, straightforward, and yet quite innovative. It’s job is simple and effective: scare the hell out of people by creating an immersive, claustrophobic experience with a tiny footprint.

Project Virtual Reality Art Gallery by Godfrey Meyer
What it is An art gallery inside a multiplayer VR world. 
Why we like it VRChat.com is 2010s Second Life (remember it?). Anyone can be anything there, and creative possibilities are as endless. It’s only natural that there should be an art gallery inside. Created by a media artist and producer, it features 3d sculptures, animations, interactive pieces, 3d paintings, live performance art, installations, and modern mixed media techniques by various artists. The VR world is becoming quickly populated; so, which industry sets up shop there next?

Project AssembleAR by Adam Pickard
What it is An AR IKEA assembly manual.
Why we like it IKEA Place app that allows you to populate your house with virtual furniture via augmented reality is not news anymore. However, the AR assembly app is something 90% of people that have ever bought anything at IKEA are craving for. Unfortunately, this is just a concept, so if you have any connections inside IKEA, please send them this link as a feature request. We all need it!

Project Hacking the Heist by Cuseum
What it is A recovery of stolen masterpieces via AR.
Why we like it Few weeks ago we told you about artists that hacked the MoMA to place their pieces in augmented reality on top of Abstract Expressionists paintings. Now there’s a new project that hacks one of the largest museum heists in history. An AR app puts Rembrandts, Vermeers, and Manets that had been stolen during the Gardner Heist back on the walls of this Boston museum. At the moment, there are only two paintings by Rembrandt available in this AR app, but they promise to be back with more.

Bonus Project Neural Network Dreaming of Landscape Paintings for 10 Minutes
What’s this about We still don’t know whether androids dream of electric sheep, but this AI dreams of art for 10 beautiful minutes. Just click the link, sit back, and relax.