A new trend that could change the way fashion stores look, a dynamic projection mapping tech, an immersive building, and even more amazing stuff


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A new trend that could change the way fashion stores look, a dynamic projection mapping tech, an immersive building, and even more amazing stuff (with a yet another "cram-an-Alexa" bonus!) in today's issue of Liked by Immersives, a weekly bulletin curated with love by your Immersive team. Please enjoy.

Project Post Reality/DynaFlash v2 by Ishikawa Senoo Laboratory 
What it is Dynamic projection mapping.
Why we like it While projection mapping itself is no longer a technological wonder, the tech around it continues to evolve. Researchers from the University of Tokio found a new way of dynamically capture a surface and automatically adjust projection to its movement. This could potentially open a gate to turning literally anything around us into screens — street pedestrians, cars, dancers in nightclubs…

Project ShopShops
What it is A new way of fashion shopping that could possibly change stores. 
Why we like it Video shopping is booming in China, and makes it way to the West. A video blogger wears the new clothes in a store, followers interact with him or her, and then instantly shop the look online or flock the retailer’s stores. The new app, ShopShops, connects all the three parties: influencers, retailers, shoppers. This could possibly change the way fashion stores look, to make video streaming better. Immersive lighting, good wi-fi, special streaming zones. Maybe there will even appear special video studios allowing to “stream-wear” the apparel in different environments.

Project The Haunt by Marpi
What it is An immersive exhibition that pretends to be a nightclub.
Why we like it This narrative space tells stories about Miami’s nighlife in augmented reality. It turns prominent disco figures in AR ghosts that appear in a series of rooms decorated as a fictional night club. It also scans visitors and populates the club with their shapes in this fictional reality.

Project MGM Cotai by Obscura Digital
What it is An immersive building.
Why we like it We’ve all heard about immersive environments meaning mostly rooms, gallery spaces, hangars at most. Now we give you MGM Cotai, a new Chinese casino, which is an immersive building. A ginormous interior with most of the surfaces being screens. With the obvious wow-factor (a vital necessity for a casino) comes a less obvious thought: such an interior will never get old. Whenever the audience gets tired of the interior, it could be completely redone without even touching the walls, by just replacing the screen content.

Project TOP25 (worst passwords) by Aram Bartholl
What it is An artistic celebration of neglect. 
Why we like it A sense of artistic humour is a rare talent, and Aram Bartholl has it. His works reflect on the topic of our life in post-information world: surveillance, digital content, online security. A part of his solo exhibition is this screen inside a toilet, playing the top 25 online passwords people use as some kind of pop-music hit list. Somehow it clicks, the small celebration of everyday life.

Bonus Project Billy Bass Alexa
What’s this about We continue our “Install an Alexa”-watch with this project by Brian Kane who managed to insert artificial intelligence into Billy Bass Fish. Seriously.