A shop that's everywhere in the outdoors, a tactile hologram, 100,000 happy moments, and even more incredible stuff


Liked by Immersives 

A shop that's everywhere in the outdoors, a tactile hologram, 100,000 happy moments, and even more incredible stuff (with an already traditional bonus track!) in today's issue of Liked by Immersives, a weekly bulletin curated with love by your Immersive team. Please enjoy.

Project Trailshop by Outdoor Voices
What it is AR app that creates in-store experiences anywhere.
Why we like it Why can’t a shop be anywhere? Well, online stores would say, they are. But that’s simply not enough. The beauty of this augmented reality app is that with it, customers can have an in-store experience anywhere relevant. As an outdoor company, the retailer came up with a special location-specific app that creates an AR-shop in a park or on a hike. Exactly when a customer is more inclined toward their products.

Project Ultrahaptics
What it is Touch hologram.
Why we like it While most of the immersive experiences focus on the most innovative ways to deliver image and sound, some researchers work on the other side of magic: how to convey the sense of touch. The overall goal is simple: to make truly interactive holograms, with images mid-air that you can really touch. Ultrahaptics’ experience tool creates tactile sensations in mid-air via ultrasound. There’s a developer’s kit already available, and we can’t wait to get our hands on it. Or at least touch it in mid-air.

Project Mirror by Flightgraf
What it is An extremely beautiful projection mapping story.
Why we like it Throughout the year we have reviewed several “Projection Mapping 101” examples that show all the features, limitations and capabilities of this kind of media — ready to be referenced. This time it’s a far more advanced kind of show: quite long, mostly abstract, and very, very beautiful. Also it tells the story of Martin Luther and the Reformation, being projected onto a Lutheran church. Media is the message, once again.

Project HappyDB
What it is A corpus of 100,000 happy moments.
Why we like it This one is for the nerdy part of our audience, though it concerns all of us. Can happiness be quantified? Can we measure it? Well, now we can. HappyDB is happiness, distilled: a dataset of 100, 000 happy moments crowdsourced on the internet. It’s great fuel for any AI-based application that measures emotion: feedback automation, brand metrics, etc. Also, it’s good reading if you wish to feel aligned with happy people.

Project Laser Symphony by AreaOdeon
What it is An interactive laser mapping installation.
Why we like it Lasers are rarely used for projection mapping: they have a very low resolution and a specific look of laser animation. However, once again, when done right, this is quite an interesting medium. Its thin rays and spiky shapes create a special atmosphere, while surfaces lit by lasers become so bright, they shine light onto their surroundings.

Bonus Project WalaBeer Tank
What’s this about Someone installed Amazon Alexa into an RC tank and taught it to lift a beer bottle. Artificial intelligence, domesticated.