PayPal's AR patent that threatens brick&mortar, an immersive space museum concept, a review of a world-renown master of public art, and much more amazing stuff


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PayPal's AR patent that threatens brick&mortar, an immersive space museum concept, a review of a world-renown master of public art, and much more amazing stuff (plus a Transformer bonus!) in today's issue of Liked by Immersives, a weekly bulletin curated with love by your Immersive team. Please enjoy.

Project AR Glasses Patent by PayPal 
What it is A retail AR tech that threatens brick&mortar even more. 
Why we like it Come to a shop, see and touch the product, buy online for a lower price. This is called free riding, and is one of the reasons brick & mortar is on decline. This augmented reality patent, recently filed by PayPal, makes online purchases of products even easier, focusing on physical stores: come to a store, see everything about the product in the AR-layer, buy instantly online. Solution against free riding? Make shopping an unforgettable experience, and focus on omnichannel sales that do not need to happen in-store.

Project Museum in Space
What it is An initiative to create a museum experience out of defunct space satellites.
Why we like it Space exploration has always been a high-tech, forward-looking sphere of our life. But consider this: the oldest man-made object still orbiting the Earth is 60 years old (it’s Vanguard-1). Many satellites have great historic value, like the first TV satellite (still alive) or the Hubble space telescope (will soon go out of business). So naturally comes an idea of a space museum. Of course, no one will spend millions of dollars to return these satellites back to Earth, and space tourism is still a thing of future. The idea is to send camera-equipped CubeSats (tiny satellites of a standard size 4x4x4 inch) to orbit the “exhibits”, and live-stream the video in VR to Earth space museums.

Project AR-VideoTorch by Grosse8
What it is A realtime projection-mapping prototype.
Why we like it This is a great example of thoughts that broaden our horizon. While mainstream attention is focused on AR glasses and smartphone apps, creators from Grosse8 made a torch of augmented reality: a pico projector with a position tracker that creates local spots of mixed reality. Maybe this piece of tech won’t convert into a real product, but the approach it utilizes definitely expands our perspective.

Project Janet Echelman’s Art
What it is A docushort about a world-renown master of public art.   
Why we like it Janet Echelman creates site-specific installations, giant abstract shapes made of specially woven nets that wobble in the wind and light up in the night. She takes inspiration in data and transforms urban spaces like no one. This short documentary focuses on her process and some of her works, ethereal, beautiful, and inspiring.

Project shapeShift by Stanford SHAPE Lab
What it is A research of shape-shifting displays for tangible and haptic interaction
Why we like it Our search for new displays never stops, and this research prototype is another gem in our collection. It’s a physical portable display where little pegs extend and retract to create tactile shapes feeling that seem real for a user in VR goggles. Is this the future of reality? Potentially, it’s a small step in that direction.

Bonus Project J-deite RIDE
What’s This About This is a Transformer robot you can actually ride. How cool is this?