A sneakers shop with only screens on display, a new kind of Air Hockey, a chocolate factory journey that eclipses the one by Willy Wonka, and much more awesome stuff


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A sneakers shop with only screens on display, a new kind of Air Hockey, a chocolate factory journey that eclipses the one by Willy Wonka, and much more awesome stuff in today's issue of Liked by Immersives, a weekly bulletin curated with love by your Immersive team. Please enjoy.

Project Eobuwie by Dalziel&Pow for CCC 
What it is A fully interactive sneakers store with no shoes on shelves.
Why we like it They had been promised, and now they arrived: stores with physical objects on display. Dalziel&Pow, one of the most renowned studios that design immersive retail stores, created this future store. It’s full of interactive displays for customers, providing limitless possibilities of communication.

Project Unendurable Line Installation by Daihei Shibata for NHK
What it is An immersive installation of an unusual choir.
Why we like it We love creative information experiences: quirky infographics, enlightening metaphors, and so on. The authors of this installation for a Japanese educational TV programme first created a “choir of states”: several choral pieces that illustrate states of devices and objects with notes and tones sung by vocalists. Then they created a room that immerses its visitors into these sounds, with 4 projection walls showing the choir and the states of objects illustrated by singing. A fantastic experience!

Project Aircade by Moritz Aznan and Nils Nahrwold
What it is An immersive spin on an old arcade machine.
Why we like it This is a good example of how an immersive approach makes everything a bit better. The authors, two MA students, took a well-known arcade machine, Air Hockey, replaced the game surface with a touch screen, and ended up with an updated, more interesting gameplay, an additional, whole new cooperative game, and a potential of many more uses!

Project Light Cloud by Tamschick Media+Space for Merck
What it is A large scale audiovisual installation.
Why we like it We talk a lot about how immersive stuff influences retail, brand experiences, architecture, the art world. This project seems to be an example of unusual application, being more in the field of internal communications and HR policy. Situated inside Merck’s R&D division, this abstract and at the same time very alive installation, pursues the goal of making people working there and visitors feel the spirit of innovations.

Project Swiss Chocolate Adventure by iart
What it is A chocolate factory ride that would make Willie Wonka envious.
Why we like it A chocolate section in the Museum of Transport. This could be an everyday, boring exhibition about how cocoa beans are transported to our tables. Instead, magicians from Swiss collective iart turned it into a fantastic ride with meticulous choreography of people movers, kinetic projection surfaces, and LED screens.