A spotless prediction for the AR industry, an interactive projection painting, robot screen, and much more wondrous stuff


Liked by Immersives 

A spotless prediction for the AR industry, an interactive projection painting, robot screen, and much more wondrous stuff in today's issue of Liked by Immersives, a weekly bulletin curated with love by your Immersive team. Please enjoy.  

Project AR Trends by Lumus 
What it is A business figure may drive more attention to immersive retail. 
Why we like it 1.6 billion dollars. This is how much revenue augmented reality will drive by 2025. This is a prediction made by Lumen, an Israeli producer of AR glasses. They review the evolution of AR tech in retail and predict its approaching boom. There’s also a new “reality” in this review, XR, which stands for Cross Reality.

Project Kinetic Wall by todo.to.it for Cupra
What it is A kinetic wall as gentle as butterfly wings.
Why we like it With a meticulous attention to detail, Italian studio created a kinetic wall consisting of dozens of little segments that imitate butterfly wings’ trembling, and react to passers by. The beauty of the project lies in the execution, in this particular manner that makes these little segments move so naturally.

Project Awake by Sonya Aronov
What it is An projection-augmented interactive painting 
Why we like it Immersive tech is like a growing set of Lego blocks. Combining different pieces leads to surprising results. This project combines interactivity through conductive ink and projection mapping. This resulted in quite an interesting effect of painting that become alive when you touch them.

Project Technicolor by GMUNK
What it is A commercial that could have been an experience
Why we like it This is not the first project of an ex talented artist and director GMUNK that we review, and hopefully, not the last one. Though not exactly experiential marketing, this commercial includes everything we love in our projects: multiple screens, robots screens, optical illusions, etc. When done right, it does magic, and pity there is no live version of this commercial.

Project SFERA by XAA arquitectura & MID New Media Design
What it is A spherical screen where every pixel is a lightbulb.
Why we like it Sepaking about LEGO bricks, the most powerful ideas appear from a spark between two contradictory concepts. In this case, simple, old-fashion lightbulbs serve as pixels in a dome-shaped screen that visualises hi-tech generative graphics.