An AR retail solution for hypebeasts, a narrative art trilogy, prosthetic limbs for performance, and much more crazy interesting stuff


Liked by Immersives 

An AR retail solution for hypebeasts, a narrative art trilogy, prosthetic limbs for performance, and much more crazy interesting stuff in today's issue of Liked by Immersives, a weekly bulletin curated with love by your Immersive team. Please enjoy.

Project VykingAR by Vyking

What it is An AR solution for online sneakers retailers.
Why we like it Though still in early stages, this software looks remarkable. It allows to try on a new pair of sneakers and see how they look on your foot. The startup that created it specializes in AR advertising and marketing, so they know a bit about hype and hypebeasts that will want this functionality badly.

Project Emissaries by Ian Cheng
What it is An art trilogy combining AI, cognitive research, immersive video, and a poetic narrative.
Why we like it This art project is one large experiment in computer world-building. The artist, Ian Cheng, who is also a cognitive scientist, created a series of interconnected worlds and inhabited them with computer-generated characters. Behind each of them, there is a competing AI model, so inhabitants fight and cooperate and evolve in order to just stay alive, while an AI-protagonist, the Emissary, is trying to achieve his narrative goals. Visitors can watch these artificial lives go by in a series of large immersive screens and online.


Project Playground by
What it is A large-scale platform for interactive projections.
Why we like it Projection mapping is still considered as some kind of tailor-made, haute-couture, unique projects. So we’re always happy to find immersive projects that are packed and marketed as made-to-measure. INITI Playgroundz is a good example: it’s a platform for creating interactive entertainment, mainly for kids. So when it becomes popular, kids will grow with a feeling that interactive projection mapping is a common thing. Which is great for us, Immersives.

Project xlimbs by Louis-Philippe Demers
What it is Augmented human performance.
Why we like it When we say “augmented”, we mean “cyborg” here. Louis-Philippe Demers creates mechanotronic monsters: robots, beasts, birds. He also augments dance performers with robotic limbs and muscles, creating fantastic creatures that barely resemble human beings.

Project Meraviglia! by NONE 
What it is Immersive Italian pavilion at 2018 Cannes Film Festival
Why we like it This is one of the great examples when a narrative environment blends perfectly with the story. It is an immersion into history of Cinecitta, the Italian film factory and the birthplace of world’s film masterpieces, told through several scenic designs that are contained one inside the other, just like on a film set. What can we say to the creators of this space? Bravo!