A self-reflecting artificial intelligence, a L'Oreal solution to kill beauty corners, mesmerizing balls, and even more amazing stuff


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An self-reflecting artificial intelligence, a L'Oreal solution to kill beauty corners, mesmerizing balls, and we're back with even more amazing stuff in today's issue of Liked by Immersives, a weekly bulletin curated with love by your Immersive team. Please enjoy.

Project Narciss by Waltz Binaire
What it is An art installation with reflecting AI. 
Why we like it While we live in the end of time for humans, it’s always interesting to look beyond and see what would the machine era look like. Will the machines copy humans in our nonperfection? What will they think about themselves? These artists took an AI and made it contemplate endlessly on its own reflection in a mirror. The result is a “synthetic model of self-awareness, a fragment of artificial narcissism and a fictional character in its own autobiographic narrations”.

Project eGlass animation and projection system by Obscura Digital
What it is A new multimedia screen system.
Why we like it In our perpetual quest for new screens, we always remember that there’s nothing completely new. It’s rather a surprising combination of ingredients that make things look amazing. Like this combination of large smart-glass pixels with projection mapping that allows creating wonderful images. 

Project Ascending and Descending by Rintaro Hara
What it is A kinetic space.
Why we like it Sometimes the magic is not in digital technologies or an exciting story. Sometimes it’s just a room full of white balls moving around on invisible fishing lines. Of course, the author is Japanese, because overall space feels like it’s the zen itself.

Project Digital Beauty Assistant by L’Oreal
What it is An augmented reality streaming app.
Why we like it At Cannes this year, L’Oreal has premiered a tech that might look like another nail in the coffin of brick and mortar fashion retail. To get quality makeup, a customer just needs to call a consultant from anywhere, and she or he will virtually apply all the looks right inside the app.

Project ROSATOM kinetic audiovisual installation by Radugadesign
What it is An immersive installation
Why we like it Once again, new is just a combination of something we already know. Had we done robots? Yes. Had we done holograms? Sure. Had we seen robots seamlessly interacting with a hologram? Not until we saw this beautiful installation.