An AI translator from dance into music, a VR hedge trimmer, a large exhibition inside a small space, and much more wow-packed stuff


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An AI translator from dance into music, a VR hedge trimmer, a large exhibition inside a small space, and much more wow-packed stuff in today's issue of Liked by Immersives, a weekly bulletin curated with love by your Immersive team. Please enjoy.

Project Dance to Piano Performance System by Yamaha
What it is An AI translator from dance into music. 
Why we like it The era of promotional artificial intelligence systems has already dawned, and this is one of the great examples of such AI. Engineers at Yamaha attached several sensors on a dancer’s back and trained an AI to translate dance moves into signals for a reproducing piano. Then, there was a concert with a world-renowned Japanese dancer together with a symphonic orchestra that combined the dance and the music it created. This is all to promote the Disklavier, Yamaha’s automated reproducing piano. Way to go!

Project Holoroom Test Drive by Lowe's Innovation Labs
What it is A VR try-before-buy experiment.
Why we like it Lowe’s puts a lot of effort into bringing new, useful experiences into their large stores. Few years ago they partnered with Microsoft to bring augmented reality inside brick and mortar, and now they rolled out an experiential learning tool to engage their customers. Visitors try out the new hedge trimmer with a specially created VR mock up that feels exactly like the real thing in virtual reality.

Project Viacom: Past, Present & Future by Slanted Studios for Viacom
What it is A large exhibition inside a small space.
Why we like it Innovative use of space is one of the most valued talents in immersive communication. Creators of this exhibition combined simple dioramas with transparent screens to come up with a multi-celled wall that tells a story about one the largest media conglomerates.

Project Nonverbal Performance FLYING by .mill
What it is A holographic performance piece.
Why we like it This project gives a strong certainty that theatre is not dead. Using advanced computer graphics and show tech, creators achieved a performance that is as engaging and physical as any live performances and at the same time as visual as Hollywood blockbusters. This is a convergence that is maybe a bit ahead of time, but only a bit.

Project Chinese Whispers by Saurabh Datta
What it is A visual metaphor of communication theory.
Why we like it There’s a difference between what  we want to say, what we say, and what others hear. This simple installation visualises the fact that communication is not perfect, and how what we say is lost in communication.