A take-away multimedia experience, a gamification of a soccer field, a retro futuristic installation, and even more great stuff (plus a Black Mirror bonus)


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A take-away multimedia experience, a gamification of a soccer field, a retro futuristic installation, and even more great stuff (plus a Black Mirror bonus) in today's issue of Liked by Immersives, a weekly bulletin curated with love by your Immersive team. Please enjoy.  

Project Illuminations: human/nature by Moment Factory for Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity
What it is A portable multimedia case study.
Why we like it During the event dedicated to Canada’s 150th celebrations, visitors were invited to a vast exhibition/quest in Canada National Parks. The trick was in the fact that part of this exhibition visitors were creating themselves as part of the script: upon entrance to the park they were given several multimedia objects, like a portable projector, to unlock and create experiences in specially designed spots. This approach allows creating a tighter bond between the audience and the story.

Project Nike Football Phenom House by SILO Lab for Nike Korea
What it is An immersive soccer field.
Why we like it How can soccer attract more young people in Korea where video gaming is a national sport, and gamers are national heroes? Creators of this soccer field did it by making a soccer court look like a video game, with a projection reacting in real time to movement of players, goals, and fails. While this is not the first project of an interactive sports field, all others concentrated on sports, stats, etc. This one is more about fun and effects.

Project Flickering Lights by Quintessenz
What it is An hanging sculpture of millions of colour tones.
Why we like it Sometimes, there is no need in any digital tech to create a captivating space. Authors of this installation used just fabric and paint to create a hanging sculpture that instantly catches eye and attracts attention in all its evanescent lightness.

Project Sorting by Ren Yuan
What it is An audiovisual illustration of important math.
Why we like it One of the most interesting fields in XM is making people experience something completely virtual, intangible. Cloud services. Blockchain wallets. Algebra. This experimental video gives its own voice and visualisation to a very important concept in the world of digital: sorting. What happens when you press “sort by ascending price”? Here’s what.

Project Apparatum by panGenerator
What it is A deconstructive retro futuristic installation.
Why we like it Polish Radio Experimental Studio was one the pioneers of electronic sound, created entirely on analogue devices. This installation, designed to look similar to the devices Polish sound engineers had on hand back in 1960s, deconstructs the compositions created in the Studio into simple elements, and allows visitors to create their own retro-futuristic sounds.

Project Brand Killer by Jonathan Dubin
What this is about It's an Adblock, but in real life. The question is: which Black Mirror concept will come alive next?